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Individual Projects

First Funding Period (2004-2007)

Project A1  Growth quantified
Project A2  Breeding Biology
Project A3  Bone Geochemistry
Project B1  Nutrition
Project B2  Metabolism
Project B3  Respiration
Project C1  Skull Mechanics
Project C2  Neck Posture
Project C3  Shoulder Function
Project C4  Bodyplan Evolution
Project C5  Bone Strength
Project C6  Plateosaurus in Motion



Second Funding Period (2007-2010)

Project R1 Gigantism and Ovipary
Project E1 Fibrolamellar Bone Evolution
Project E2 Hierarchical Bone Structure
Project E3 Organ System Reconstruction
Project E4 Vertebral Biomechanics and Evolution
Project E5 Girdle Skeleton Function
Project E6 Evolution of Locomotion
Project U1 Nutritional Limits of Gigantism
Project U2 Food Ecology
Project U3 Morphofunctional Cranial Evolution
Project U4 Feeding Strategies
Project U5 Respiratory System Reconstruction
Project U6 Bone Geochemistry



Third Funding Period (2010-2012)

Project E1 Predator-Prey Relationships
Project E2 Growth, Vital Statistics and Energy Budget
Project F1 Habitat Partitioning and Vegetation Use
Project F2 Food Intake Rate
Project F3 The Chewing-Gut Volume Tradeoff
Project N1 Sauropod Neck Mobility and Feeding Strategies
Project N2 Cervical Rib Histology
Project T1 Lungs, Airsacs and Temperature Control
Project T2 Thermal Measuring and Modeling
Project T3 Isotopologue Body Thermometer
Project T4 Metabolic Rates


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