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Project E3: Organ System Reconstruction

Title Reconstruction of major organs and organ systems of sauropod dinosaurs using laser scanning, photogrammetry and allometric functions
Principal Investigator Prof. Dr. med. Dipl.-Geol. Hanns-Christian Gunga
Researcher Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Stoinski


In the previous funding phase (Project B2) work of considerable scope was performed by the principal investigator and his team. This focused i) on the scanning of dinosaur skeletons of different scales, including for the first time some specimens in China and ii) on the reconstruction of the dinosaur body mass and body shape by using 3D computer techniques.

In this research project we intend i) to determine for the first time the body volume and body surface areas of sauropods which differ from previously measured ones in size and phylogenetic background from the previously studied sauropods (These are mounted and exhibited in Argentina, India, Poland, and USA and will be measured using laser scanning); ii) to reconstruct those and some previously scanned sauropods, particularly those from China, which we additionally were able to measure during the first funding period; iii) to estimate based on these data the size of major organs and organ system by allometric functions, and finally iv) to reconstruct the presumable organs and organ systems such as muscle mass, heart, lung, and gastro-intestinal tract. The reconstructions will be implemented and fitted into a 3D computer model. This will enable a naturalistic reconstruction of sauropod anatomy.

It is intended to test whether the organ reconstructions based on calculation using allometric functions are in the same order of magnitude as the anatomical limitations given by the 3D reconstruction.



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